How To Get The Most Out Of Your Keyword Optimization

So you are starting up a website for your new business and you aren’t sure if you should pay Google for your keywords or grow your search results more organically. Well according to Search Engine Watch, organic keywords are 94% more successful in Google searches than paid keywords. That is a big number. But why else should you use them and how can you use them to make them most effective for your Google ranking.

One of the first things you should do is choose the keywords that are specific to each page of your website. Any keyword that you choose should be simple and relative to something that a customer of your brand would choose to search if they were looking for you on a search engine. Once you have chosen which keywords you want for each page, place the keywords within the Title and Meta description of your page as this is where the search engine looks and the relativity of the users search to the content of the page. It is also a good idea to use the keywords that you have put in the Title and Meta Description in the content of the page. This is more for the users sake as they will likely be skimming the page for the information they are looking for.

Another easy way to add relevancy to your page is to use keywords in headings. This isn’t simply changing the size and boldness of your font, but going into the heading tag of the html of your site and adding in your keywords there.

The main thing to keep in mind when creating and using keywords is that the search engine isn’t looking at the actual content of the page. That is where the user is looking. No, the search engine is looking at what the user doesn’t see to find out whether your page is actually relevant to their searches or not.

Overall, it is good to look at the overall big picture and practice keyword optimization to:

  • Drive qualified traffic to your website: To drive searchers to your site, you must optimize for the keywords they’re searching for
  • Measure traffic potential: Analyzing the popularity of keywords helps you gauge the size of a potential online market.
  • Write effective content: By incorporating optimized keywords into your website content, you can connect instantly with potential customers and address their needs.
  • Understand user behavior: By analyzing the words that your customers use, you get an idea of their needs and how to service those needs.

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